Ahmed Iraj and Shema Ali are back to the screen together

This is what was revealed by the artist Ahmed Iraj, who began a few days ago to portray his scenes in the new social series «routine», in preparation for the Gulf channels during the holy month of Ramadan. In an exclusive statement to Al-Rai, Eraj explained that the 30-episode event was produced by Jake Cinema and directed by Issa Diab, while his story was written by Ali Al-Dohan. It is also co-starred by a group of artists Headed by Mohammed Al Mansour, Khaled Amin, Ilham Al Fadala, Shaima Ali, Hind Al Balushi, Maha Mohammed and Nasir Abbas, along with a number of young faces.
He added that most of his scenes will be with Shaima, who will be the most famous actor in the world. Ali, who noted that he had not met her for many years, where the last work was a combination of them is the television series «men’s factory», which was introduced in 2003.

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