Mohammed Tharwat opens up about his recent years in TV

The young artist Mohammed Tharwat has a collection of personal secrets in the program “M3com”, provided by media Mona Shazly, and said that he graduated from the Faculty of Commerce Ain Shams University and that he was delayed three years because of his love of representation and did not want to stay away from art, In the College of Commerce, explaining that he was associated with his wife after graduating as one of the talents in the university theater, and continued friendship for three years until his wife came one day and told him to love, noting that he did not have the girth of the revelation of love for her because he did not have anything but stood beside him He began to prepare the marital nest.
He was married five years ago to his wife Mona Jamal, who participated in a series in “Al-Lland” and from his artistic beginning. He said that after graduating he joined the creative center with director Khalid Jalal. He gave the play “Coffee Sada”, indicating that his first work was two episodes. Al-Kabeer Awi in the role of Mohsin Mohsen Mumtaz, pointing out that he was associated with Ahmed Mekki with a strong friendship and his many works of art after that, noting that he will not forget a day and did not forget what his wife did with him and encourage him and stand before the difficulties in order to achieve success and stability.

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