Mustafa Khater explains his new charachter on the upcoming TV series.

The comedian Mustafa Khater is a guest on the “Tasab Shay” program presented by Ghada Adel on DMC on Friday, every week, at 9pm in a special episode entitled “Laughter in the Life of Egyptians During which he talks about the Egyptians’ attachment to laughter and to what extent the description of the Egyptian people is a joke to them and what is the reason behind their description of it, and what is the difference between laughter and laughter?

The dialogue deals with the influence of the means of social communication on comedy and laughter. The meeting deals with the personality that he presented, namely, “uncle of Shakshak”, how the public attaches to it, and what prompted him to submit three And whether he did so with the aim of investing his character, whether he expected his success in this way or whether the subject was coincidental, and how he sees the view that the comedian is shorter in acting, and what is the most classic scenes he likes from the comedy films Zaman.

His love for the theater and who is the most representative laugh at the theater of Egypt and what is the most difficult position happened to him in the theater and his future work, specifically in Ramadan.

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