What is on Al Nahar TV in Ramadan 2018 ?.

Al-Nahar TV network has obtained the right to broadcast the TV series “Azmi and Ashgan” starring both Hassan Al-Raddad and Emi Samir Ghanem who compete during the next Ramadan race. This step comes to the network of large channels as a start to the early stability of its plan in the 2018 Ramadan race. Other big Ramadan works to win her show in the strongest drama season throughout the year.

Al-Nahar TV network has achieved great success by winning the comedy series “Wind of Madame”, starring Ahmed Fahmy and Akram Hosni exclusively, which took the rank of comedy during the last Ramadan season, and succeeded in contracting several other major works achieved success Very large such as “Taqa Nour,” for Hani Salameh, and “The Shadow of the President,” by Yasser Jalal.

The series “Azmi and Ashgan”, participated in starring the great artist Samir Ghanem, Nisreen Amin, Raja al-Jadawi, Mohammad Tharwat, Badria Tolba, King of Qura, Bayoumi Fuad, Mohammed Sultan, and popular singer Mahmoud Leithi, writing workshop, and directed by Islam Khairy , And the production of Ahmed Al-Sobki, and the series of cooperation is the first between Al-Radad and Sbeki on the level of television drama, after several collaborations in the cinema, including “Statue,” and “externally” and recently “node Khawaja”

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