Investigation into Muna Al-Iraqi behaviour on her new show

Al-Mehwar channel welcomed the decision of the Media Syndicate to proscute Muna Al-Iraqi who presented the program “Attention” to the channel to investigate the legal committee of the union.The channel stressed the need to preserve the cultural heritage and adherence to professionalism and impartiality in the introduction of issues and distance from excitement and the overriding public interest.

Al-Muhawar channel decided to stop the program and to refer its sponsor to the investigation and decided to prevent the broadcast of the program’s promos on the channel’s screen, as part of its commitment to the media code of ethics and the code of professional conduct and self-censorship of professional and ethical standards.
A code of professional conduct of its own, and a clear editorial policy based on professionalism and ethics, as stated in the channel statement.
The channel emphasizes its keenness to uphold the values ​​of ethics and professionalism, the media code of ethics and the code of professional conduct issued by the Syndicate of Media, as it is entrusted with controlling the performance of media professionals and protecting the profession from abuses and looking forward to further cooperation with the media union.

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