ETV to air new show about the discovery of ‘TUTANKHAMUN’

The Estonian television network ETV will present Saturday evening the first episode of a four-part television series about the life of archaeologist Howard Carter, the discoverer of the Tutankhamen cemetery in 1922, according to Estonia’s public radio. The radio site said that the first episode will take viewers to 1905 where the study and exploration of the effects of the hobby of the rich.
The series will be shown every Saturday evening and will be repeated each evening.

The British Daily Mail newspaper reported on September 25 that the series was about a love story (from the fabric of the author’s imagination) that brought together Carter and the daughter of his father’s philanthropist, Lord Carnarvon George Herbert V, which angered the Lord’s grandson.
Carter’s character embodies British Irishman Max Irns, while British actress Amy Renn plays the role of Evelyn (his son Herbert), while Irish actor Sam Neil embodies the father’s character.

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