Ramez turns into a ‘Bear’ in his new brank show.

Ramiz Jalal began filming his new brank program, “Ramez Under the Snow”, in the Russian capital of Moscow, for the show in the coming month of Ramadan, in order to complete the series of landfills used by Ramez during the last seven years. Ramez chosen Russia to present the program because of the country will be hosting the World Cup, in which Egypt will also participate. It will be natural to convince guests to travel to Russia to participate in a sports program for the tournament.

The guests will see the episode in the snow, Bear, an animal spread in Russia and go out to reveal his personality to the guests.
Last Ramadan, Ramaz Jalal presented the “Rams Under the Ground” program, which the program’s idea is to invite the guest to shoot a program in the desert with Nishan. After the program, the guest rode a car and the driver drove at crazy speed to moving sands and suddenly the car sank into the sand. From these sand, Ramez Jalal wears an orchid and shows the guest like a real lizard that wants to kill him and when Ramez next to the guest shows himself and the guest discovers that he is in a mold.

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