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Investigation into Muna Al-Iraqi behaviour on her new show

Al-Mehwar channel welcomed the decision of the Media Syndicate to proscute Muna Al-Iraqi who presented the program “Attention” to the channel to investigate the legal committee of the union.The channel stressed the need to preserve the cultural heritage and adherence to professionalism and impartiality in the introduction of issues and distance from excitement and the overriding public interest.

Mustafa Khater explains his new charachter on the upcoming TV series.

The comedian Mustafa Khater is a guest on the “Tasab Shay” program presented by Ghada Adel on DMC on Friday, every week, at 9pm in a special episode entitled “Laughter in the Life of Egyptians During which he talks about the Egyptians’ attachment to laughter and to what extent the description of the Egyptian people is a joke to them and what is the reason behind their description of it, and what is the difference between laughter and laughter?

What is on Al Nahar TV in Ramadan 2018 ?.

Al-Nahar TV network has obtained the right to broadcast the TV series “Azmi and Ashgan” starring both Hassan Al-Raddad and Emi Samir Ghanem who compete during the next Ramadan race. This step comes to the network of large channels as a start to the early stability of its plan in the 2018 Ramadan race. Other big Ramadan works to win her show in the strongest drama season throughout the year.

Mohammed Tharwat opens up about his recent years in TV

The young artist Mohammed Tharwat has a collection of personal secrets in the program “M3com”, provided by media Mona Shazly, and said that he graduated from the Faculty of Commerce Ain Shams University and that he was delayed three years because of his love of representation and did not want to stay away from art, In the College of Commerce, explaining that he was associated with his wife after graduating as one of the talents in the university theater, and continued friendship for three years until his wife came one day and told him to love, noting that he did not have the girth of the revelation of love for her because he did not have anything but stood beside him He began to prepare the marital nest.

Ahmed Iraj and Shema Ali are back to the screen together

This is what was revealed by the artist Ahmed Iraj, who began a few days ago to portray his scenes in the new social series «routine», in preparation for the Gulf channels during the holy month of Ramadan. In an exclusive statement to Al-Rai, Eraj explained that the 30-episode event was produced by Jake Cinema and directed by Issa Diab, while his story was written by Ali Al-Dohan. It is also co-starred by a group of artists Headed by Mohammed Al Mansour, Khaled Amin, Ilham Al Fadala, Shaima Ali, Hind Al Balushi, Maha Mohammed and Nasir Abbas, along with a number of young faces.

First drama meeting for the Kuwaiti actors.

On the instructions follow directly from the Minister of Information and Minister of State for Youth Affairs Sheikh Salman Al-Hamoud Al-Sabah, The Ministry of the media for the first time in its history Forum first domestic drama during the coming period, it has launched preparations for an operation on all the different levels.
It is prepared the founding committee of the forum, and some media leaders in the TV drama, made several official address technical, inter alia, the Higher Institute of Dramatic Art, Artists Guild of Kuwaitis and others.

Sana Yusuf in Kuwait for an upcoming series!

Tunisian actress Sana Yusuf arrived to Kuwait within hours, accompanied by her husband, producer Amr McCain, where he held several sessions on their participation in the new serial drama. In an exclusive statement to the «politics» Sana what she said had concluded the celebration of the new Bmolodha «Yassin» even begun to regain fitness physical preparation for the new business, which offered them finally to Ramadan and outside, such as «Devil’s Gardens Part II» and »Baron», as well as some films, where he is scheduled to working to read in the coming period.

Yacob Abdullah his roles out of his hand!

Yacob Abdullah during his speech for the «Al-Anba» that I like all the roles carried out but would prefer his role in the series «safe Roihh Paradise» because he led the performance different from the past, it may return to perform the role of villain or feisty, but it appears this time the role of the good bar his mother and sacrifice for others, making this unique distinctive role for him.
And a new, Jacob confirmed his participation in the series «zero hour» which is directed by Nahla Al Fahad and written by Mohammad Al-Kandari and produce technical group with the participation of a large number of artists such as Haifa Hussein and Ibrahim al-Harbi and others, and plays in which the role of the evil personality within the family and social story of a struggle for the acquisition of money and punctuated some revenge.

Producers banned social media on set!

In the past years to spread their news and their work and their activity artistic in their accounts on social networking sites, and with this development in the communication between them and their audience sacked the press, which was transporting their news and highlights artistic activity .. But that changed this year when producers decided are important in the artistic community hit more secret to portray their actions and soap operas, which they will present in the holy month of Ramadan, like military secrets written on it «top secret»!

Boushahri is proud of the success he had!

Boushahri proved to marital happiness, spontaneously, as the face of his wife, through his personal account on «Instagram», a message of emotions, containing thin lyrics full of love and appreciation, in response to a birthday Ahtvaiha, saying: «sweeter cake of the sweetest girl in the world, God does not deprive me managing »!
Boushahri and received a large number of congratulatory phrases, led by a letter from his brother, artist Mahmoud Bushehri, and other broadcast to his friend, the writer Fahd A’eoh, as well as his friends and colleagues in the artistic community and a gathering of his fans in Kuwait and abroad, on the occasion of Eid birthday, which gave him additional happiness that spring enjoyment broad mass base across the Arab world, its effects appeared in a number of received messages of greeting.