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More money for the actors in Turkey!

Turkish star suffered corners Petkkaya to illness surprise, if all of a sudden he was attacked by the kidneys, which he thought he was cured of it after conducting urgent operation a few months ago to get rid of kidney stones, which forced him to stop filming to watch in the second season of the series “wreck”, where the pain introduced urgently to the hospital.
A few days after publication of a picture of him with his family and his son Jano He enjoys leave before continuing its re-imaging.
His fans and his friends also reassured about his health.
The series “wreck”, still achieve on a weekly display record in the classification of viewing, and expected him the same success on the Arab osn channel that will soon be presented screen.

Is some loving going on between Hiyam and Murad?


Close to film the series “Queen of the Night,” the Turkish site sources said that my hero series “Mary Omasla” in the Arab world famous Queen Hiam, and “Murat Yıldırım,” Amir famous role in the series “Asi” living a love story.
Newspaper “The Star” Turkish confirmed that emotional connection linking the two stars of Turkish, where monitoring is within the filming locations, but Omasla and Yıldırım denied to it now, and they saw “just rumors,” saying they were “just friends.”