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Netflix to produce the first Arabic series on their platform called ‘Gen’

Netflix, the world’s leading online entertainment service provider, has announced its first Arabic-language Gen, which will feature a selection of Middle Eastern talent and will be filmed in Jordan later this year. the young director Dasani, and collaborates with the Lebanese young man Mir Jean Bou Chaia and the Jordanian author Bassel Ghandour, the author of the Oscar-nominated film ‘Thib’. The six-parts series is expected to be available to all Netflix members around the world in 2019.

Ramez turns into a ‘Bear’ in his new brank show.

Ramiz Jalal began filming his new brank program, “Ramez Under the Snow”, in the Russian capital of Moscow, for the show in the coming month of Ramadan, in order to complete the series of landfills used by Ramez during the last seven years. Ramez chosen Russia to present the program because of the country will be hosting the World Cup, in which Egypt will also participate. It will be natural to convince guests to travel to Russia to participate in a sports program for the tournament.

Hala Sarhan is taking over Al-Hayat Network

Al-Hayat channel announced that it has recently contracted with a group of prominent Arab media personalities, including Tony Khalife, Raghda Shalhoub, Amro Al-Leithi, Heba Al-Abaseiri and Busi Shalabi. It is noteworthy that Hala Sarhan worked in her early days as a presenter on Egyptian television and presented a number of programs, including “Transit and Egypt in the eyes of the world, the rule of law and the archives of cinema.”
Hala Sarhan joined the Arab Radio and TV network from 1993 to 1999 when it was broadcast from the Italian capital of Rome.

SNL Arabic to be filmed abroad.

Sources in the SNL program in Arabic that there is a great trend to film the episodes of the new season of the program outside Egypt, especially after the recent crisis caused by the program has been stopped on the channel ONE, and so far has not been settled on the State, which will be filmed in anticipation of new developments in matters In the coming days.

What is on Al Nahar TV in Ramadan 2018 ?.

Al-Nahar TV network has obtained the right to broadcast the TV series “Azmi and Ashgan” starring both Hassan Al-Raddad and Emi Samir Ghanem who compete during the next Ramadan race. This step comes to the network of large channels as a start to the early stability of its plan in the 2018 Ramadan race. Other big Ramadan works to win her show in the strongest drama season throughout the year.

Mohammed Tharwat opens up about his recent years in TV

The young artist Mohammed Tharwat has a collection of personal secrets in the program “M3com”, provided by media Mona Shazly, and said that he graduated from the Faculty of Commerce Ain Shams University and that he was delayed three years because of his love of representation and did not want to stay away from art, In the College of Commerce, explaining that he was associated with his wife after graduating as one of the talents in the university theater, and continued friendship for three years until his wife came one day and told him to love, noting that he did not have the girth of the revelation of love for her because he did not have anything but stood beside him He began to prepare the marital nest.

Ahmed Iraj and Shema Ali are back to the screen together

This is what was revealed by the artist Ahmed Iraj, who began a few days ago to portray his scenes in the new social series «routine», in preparation for the Gulf channels during the holy month of Ramadan. In an exclusive statement to Al-Rai, Eraj explained that the 30-episode event was produced by Jake Cinema and directed by Issa Diab, while his story was written by Ali Al-Dohan. It is also co-starred by a group of artists Headed by Mohammed Al Mansour, Khaled Amin, Ilham Al Fadala, Shaima Ali, Hind Al Balushi, Maha Mohammed and Nasir Abbas, along with a number of young faces.

Shahad Yaseen ready to shoot ” Al Dairah “

Emphasizes the artist saw Yaseen said Kuwaiti stars representing the base engine of the drama in the region, stressing that a single star means all technical disciplines, as indicated in a statement for the day. Yaseen says the star saw at the beginning of her speech. It began a few days ago in Dubai filming the new series of the Gulf circle led by Kuwaiti director Hamad al-Badri, the series produced by and starring actor Mohamed Serafi The tournament Qatari star Gave Hussein addition to Mishari FAQ and Shahab jewels and how much the last of the stars. And goes on: new work, go into a new area of ​​social implications, and raised much of the transparency and depth, as well as high professionalism in visual processing, cross-footprint outstanding director Hamad al-Badri, who always promises a high level of technical professionalism, which exploits filming scenes of the series in the city of Dubai to give experience aesthetically dimension, and leave the talk about the details of the work until the presentation, where he holds the technical surprises, in particular, on a personal level that I am.

Promo : ” Malik Bin Al-Reeb ” #Ramadan2016

Review : “Place in the heart” Drama from UAE!

From the heart of the city of Al Ain beauty and splendor of its location, production and imaging wheel began to spin, in preparation for the season Ramadani track work dramatic and strong competition, and here is the series «a place in the heart» dig him a place on the map of Ramadan, surrounded by the eyes of cameras and lenses, to made pursuant full of elite stars.
Besides creative Jaber Ngmoh, hugging technical faces Emirati counterpart, Saudi Arabia, Oman, the work deals with the era of the eighties and nineties, proposing at the table Ramadan worries of reality and the community touch of romantic comedies, it brings hope to the soul, and paint a smile on the lips of viewers.